How 12startups works

It’s easy. 🚀

We’ve created a tiny crypto economy where members barter tokens for the skills they have for the skills they need. 12Startups seeds everyone with tokens (fake capital) based on their individual skills and what they can bring to our virtual economy, and then members barter their skills based on skillset demand.

Of course members will build connections organically over time, which they can use however they see fit - after all it’s a community for entrepreneurs.

We totally have not created a crypto currency. We use old fashioned communication such as email & IM.

Where we can help

Customer research

Understanding your customers’ current needs and foresee future ones. If you don’t know your customer, you won’t have much luck figuring out the product-market fit.

Product/market fit

Ensuring that you are offering something that a group of people needs and there’s enough people in that group to provide sustainable growth for your business.

Product strategy

Doing the right thing at the right time. If you don’t have a long-term view of the market in which you are playing you will significantly reduce your chances of success.

Experience design

Adopting practices that elevate the customer experience to differentiate your product, producing a significant return on investment.

Product build

Developing your product the right way, focussing only on what your customers need and are willing to spend money on, which aligns to your overall product strategy.

Product Feedback

Constantly turning feedback into actionable insights. As soon as you think your product is done, you are done.


Moving beyond only awareness and acquisition, creating a view to your sales funnel which also includes retention, referrals, and sustainable revenue.


Focusing your time on what will set your product’s apart, teaching you how to partner, ignore or outsource everything else.


Ensuring that growth is headed in the right direction — meaning optimal profitability — and that it is achieved with as little waste as possible