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I have a dream

How often do you start do things without stopping to think about why you are doing it? How many times are you asked to complete something by C.O.B without any context?

Recently I have been eading the book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. The general premise of the book is that all the great leaders in the world like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with why. They realized that people won’t truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the why behind it.

The author presents a powerful idea: ‘The Golden Circle’, which provides a framework upon which organisations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired.

Unsurprisingly The Golden Circle is all about the why.

The book made me think 🤔🤔

The Japanese have have a term called ‘Ikigai’ which I understand, loosely translated, means “a reason for being”.

'Ikigai' which I understand, loosely translated, means "a reason for being".

I really like the concept of ‘Ikigai’ & this made me think even more. What is my reason for being 🤔🤔

  • What makes me get out of bed each morning?
  • What are my passions in life?
  • What am I good at & enjoy doing?
  • Why am I so drawn to certain cohort of people who ‘make’?

I’ve always been a bit of a generalist. Good at many things, but not an expert at anything in particular. People have repeatedly told me, in my corporate life at least, that I am the “go-to-guy” for certain things. The thing is, I don’t believe them.

I guess you could say that the imposter syndrome is strong in me.

Some people think that having a ’T-shaped’ skillset is the key to a successful - broad but shallow skills in lots of area, and deep expertise in one area. I like their thinking.

I want to find my Ikigai. I want to find my superpower. I want to find my purpose. I want to find my reason for being.

My overall life goals are pretty simple.

The aim is to have my money support me, rather than have to work to earn it: having just enough income to financially support myself and family; just enough to give the freedom to pursue what I am passionate about; enough to be able to go to the gym or yoga during the day; enough to remain nude all day, or work nude all day if I choose; enough to be able to start a side-hustle walking dogs.

Having to freedom to live life by my own rules.

As this precise moment in time, I believe that being a bootstrapped ‘Maker’ is what will help me fulfil this goal.

I can make it as a maker, I’m already successful in corporate, but there are some areas that I feel I lack. I lack confidence in these areas:

  • Confidence in the practices that lead to product & service innovation
  • Confidence in my understanding of accounting and business performance
  • Confidence in my understanding on how to value startups
  • Improving my reading & writing skills, specially to write more emotively

I lack the confidence yet I believe that I can do it.

I have a dream

For the past few years I have had this really vivid day-dream. is something that can change the world.

I have made something that is so popular that all the big companies in the world are bidding to acquire it. There is a launch party where the future of what I have made will be announced at midnight.

There is a party feel in this hug area arena. It feels like an Apple keynote before the launch of something special. There is an air of anticipation.

The crowd is giddy.

Music is blaring, the crowd are partying hard, everyone is having fun.

There is a countdown timer above the stage.

There is a counter with the current valuation.

As it gets closer to midnight, the valuation counter starts ticking faster and faster, so much so that its hard to know what the latest valuation is.

There is 60 seconds left before the announcement.

The crowd is buzzing.

As the clock strikes midnight I take my place at the centre of the stage.

The valuation counter is in the billions of dollars.

The air of excitement is palpable.

The room goes dark.

I’m on stage ready to begin my announcement.

There is a big-ass projection behind me.

I open my mouth. The crowd goes silent

“F*ck you Facebook”. A graphic in the shape the a middle finger in te style of a Facebook like.

“F*ck you Google”. A silhouette of me mooning replacing the ‘OO’ in Google logo.

“F*ck you Amazon”. A silhouette of me urinating on the the logo.

Then I wildly smash the buzzer in front of me.

A progress bar is on the screen - 10%,40%,70%,90%, finally 100%. A list flashed up on screen. In the list the crowd can see name like gitlab, bitbucket, github, and 10s more. What’s on screen is a list of repositories where my world changing code is freely available under a “do what the f*ck you want licence”.

Next on the screen is a global view of all the activity of the people downloading my code. The arena is full of makers with similar Ikigais.

The arena erupts.

Anarchy is alive and kicking.

Maybe I already know what my purpose is 🤔🤔.

Maybe I just need to focus on who to get there.

If you have read this far, please let me know you thoughts?

Over & Out 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊