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Inspire and make your mark on the 12startups community

Our audience is a community of makers who are keen to share their experiences & keen to learn from others.

We’re looking for passionate people who can help our audience get inspired. We are keen for for people to share their stories, advice, do’s & don’ts, failures & successes. We want people who are willing to share the information they wish they knew before they started their own adventure.

We are looking for real people who are available and willing to take time away from building their own business, to provide value to our community.

We are looking for people: - that like sharing - irrespective of how much experience they have - irrespective of the number of successes or failures they have - have attitude and passion - are open & transparent

The Topics We Are Looking For - Making in the open - Product Ideation & Validation - Fundraising & Founder Experiences - Software & Web Development - Marketing, Sales & Growth Hacks - Emotional Support & Helpful Resources - Anything in between

How To Submit Your Articles?

Please send an email to: 12startups.com [@] gmail.com, or submit a pull request. We import most of our articles into our Medium publication to ensures the articles gain the most exposure possible.

Writing Guide: - Title: Your headline is the most important part of your story. A good headline makes all the difference. Utilize this tool. - Images: Featured image is a most important aspect of your story. Include a great cover image. - Code: You can embed code from Github Gists, CodePen.io , JSFiddle.net, etc. - Examples: Provide a clear examples, details, and/or data. - Sources: Give credit to original sources of information. - Teach: Explain everything. Do not assume that the reader will understand - Personality: Everyone has one. Please show yours and aim to be authentic. - Tags: Add up to five tags to your story. People follow these tags will see your story in feed.

Want a sponsored something?

Want to promote your services? (It should be useful to our audience). Send an email to: 12startups.com [@] gmail.com or (tweet me)[https://twitter.com/willpower_iam] for more details.

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