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The maker movement begins

My most recent post got me thinking, specifically the part about my dreams and being part of something ‘bigger’ that me 🤔🤔.

It made me ask myself; Why do I love being being part of the maker community?

The reason I love being part of the maker community is because essentially we are a bunch of modern-day anarchists. Makers rebel against the status quo.

  • Makers want to, and get pleasure from doing it their own way
  • Makers have a can-do attitude, and are not afraid to fail. They’ll constantly shipping
  • Maker shun centralised entities & believe in a borderless digital world.
  • Makers believe in the democracy of data.
  • Makers are confident in their abilities, and are happy being transparent. Nothing to hide. Just check out #openmakersclub & #openmakers, or add /open their website.
  • Makers have fostered a culture where they proactively help each other. The share economy is real.
  • Makers believe that continuously learning is the ultimate form of progress. Leaning new ways of doing things, or learning how their customers interacts with what they have made. Their curiosity knows no bounds
  • Makers have a real and direct relationship with their customers. Looks at all the makers of twitter responding to, and interacting with, their customers.
  • Makers believe there are things more important that money.
  • Makers believe they can change the world.

Then, I had a eureka moment 🎉🎉.

I know there are others who think like me.

I know there are others feel like me.

I know there are others who are frustrated like me.

With that belief, I’m begging others like me, to start a maker movement & to harness the collective power of the maker community.

Today, I’m pleading with my fellow makers:

We can change the world. I believe it, because I can see it.

If you have read this far, please let me know you thoughts?

Over & Out 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊